Office Furniture – Tips & Tricks to Buy Like a Pro

Office furniture, it seems to be such a cut and dry topic. Need a desk? No problem. Need some cubicles? Piece of cake. The truth is buying office furniture can be one of the toughest purchases you can make for your business. Something as simple as purchasing a chair can involve dozens choices. color, size, adjustments and frequency of use and that is just for a chair. Imagine the amount of thought and questions involved in purchasing an office full of cubicles. It could be mind blowing. I am going to give you a few tips on purchasing office furniture in order to help you not only make the right choice but, save money at the same time.

Having been in the office furniture business most of my life I have realized one thing. Educating the customer is the most important part of this business. If your local dealer does not take the time to work with you and teach you, then you are working with the wrong dealer. It has always been my idea that by educating the customer you are allowing them to make the right decision as to what purchase they will make. Here are my tips for purchasing office furniture.

1. Have a floor plan. Always make sure you have a layout or drawing of the space you are looking to furnish.

The dimensions of the space you are furnishing will be the greatest deciding factor as to what you furnish your space with.

2. Know the needs of the people working in the space you are furnishing. How much drawer space do they need? How much shelf space do they require? This is very important. You do not want to purchase to little but, you also do not want to purchase to much and waist money.

3. Know your color scheme. Although functionality is very important aesthetics are just as important. There have been many studies done that prove a comfortable and pleasing work environment is a much more productive work environment.

4. Frequency of use. If the desk you are purchasing is going to be used on a daily bases 8-10 hours a day, you will want to make sure you purchase a desk that is of higher quality. If you are looking for a desk for minimal use or decoration a lower quality less expensive desk may be for you.

5. Check delivery prices. Just because one dealer has provide you with a better price on the same product as another does not always mean it is the best deal. Be sure to get full detailed delivery and installation prices before you finish your purchase.

These are just some helpful hints and tips for purchasing office furniture. Use them when you make your next purchase and you will save time and money. Good luck and happy shopping.

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